This is a list of characters from Fred

No. Image Description
1 Fred-image Fred is a six year old boy who lives with his single mother. He is portrayed by Lucas Cruikshank.
2 Fred-the-movie-02 Judy Munsley is Fred's ex-girlfriend.
3 Slide6 Bertha is Fred's best friend
4 Kevin-image Kevin Dawg is Fred's archenemy.
5 Thalia-image Thalia is Kevin's younger sister.
6 Dad-image Mr. Figglehorn is Fred's imaginary dad who appears almost out of nowhere to offer Fred advice and support throughout the film. He lives in the family's refrigerator.
7 Mom-image Hilda Figglehorn is Fred's forgetful mother.
8 Fred2 19hr-1- Mr. Jake Devlin is the new music teacher and Fred's new neighbor.