Fred Babysits a Psycho is the 51st episode of the Fred YouTube series.


Fred is seen eating mashed potatoes in his house. He hears the doorbell, and calls that he will answer it. He opens the door, revealing a kid snarling at him. The kid enters the house and begins shaking his head. Fred tells his mother there is a creepy kid in the house. His mom says he has to babysit the kid, who is her friend Teresa's kid. Fred has to babysit him because Fred's mother has to preform at a bachelor party. Fred becomes worried, as he is too young to babysit, being only six years old. Fred sits down next to the child on the couch as the child shakes his head. Fred asks him what his name is. The kid then tells Fred to call him Rocky, and Rocky runs off screaming. Fred then enters the bathroom and finds that Rocky is eating the toilet paper. Rocky tells him that he likes the way toilet paper tastes. Fred then worries more, saying that he heard that people who eat toilet paper become serial killers. Rocky then jumps on Fred's back. Fred wishes his mom will get home soon, but remembers that his mom takes a long time to get home when she attends bachelor parties. Fred says that when he and Judy have kids, he will discipline them. Fred says that he behaves because his mom threatens him. Fred reminds himself to think happy thoughts, and calms himself down by playing with a plastic horse and thinking of his math teacher dancing in a 50 Cent music video. Fred then finds Rocky on the ground trying to do the worm, but he did not perform it correctly. Fred then does the worm himself, executing the dance correctly. Fred says if someone does the worm at a school dance, that person will become the most popular kid in school. Rocky is seen sitting in a chair reading the Bible, and he tells Fred that he will never be popular. Then Fred tells Rocky that he is a midget and that he does not know anything. Fred remembers that his mom once dated a midget, and Fred would give him piggyback rides. When Fred is cuddling with his dog, Rocky starts pulling on Fred's hair and tells him to leave him alone or next time it will be "worse-er". Fred then says that "worse-er" is not a word. This makes Rocky more angry, saying, "Shut up!" through gritted teeth. Fred says that the babysitting job will be a piece of cake. The episode ends with Fred saying his goodbyes, with Rocky glaring at Fred from the stair case. On the ending card, Fred sings about how he wants to injure little kids, especially Rocky.