Fred Figglehorn is the main protagonist of the Fred series. He is often bullied by the antagonist, Kevin. He has a crush on Judy, a neighbor. He is portrayed by Lucas Cruikshank.

Fred Figglehorn
Fred Figglehorn

Full Name: Bagel Fredrick Figglehorn

Date of Birth: December 18, 2002

Occupation: Student


Relationship Status Single; broken up with Judy (After Fred: The Movie)

Family Members Hilda/Cherie Figglehorn (Mother)

Fergus Figglehorn (father) Unnamed grandmother


Fred is a hyperactive person. He often acts out on impulse, and has been seen to be hateful and vengeful. He is emotionally unstable, and can go from one emotion to another in seconds without much reason. Due to these problems, he has to take medicine and sees a therapist regularly. In New Fred, he is more calm, but still is prone to acting out on his emotions. In the Fred: The Movie trilogy, he is even more calm, usually only becoming spastic or emotional when he is frightened or upset. In Fred: The Show, he is slightly more emotional than before, but overall is easygoing. In the Fred videos uploaded on the Lucas YouTube channel, Fred appears even worse off than he was in the original Fred videos. Rather than being emotional and impulsive, he appears to have gone insane. He is a full fledged adult in these videos, but acts like he has gone insane.


  • Fred is right-handed, as in Fred the show whenever he is seen writing with a pencil he always holds it in his right hand, examples of this are in episodes such as "Fred's all nighter", "UltraMomma", and "The battle of little Figghorn".
  • Fred's favorite color might be yellow, as that is the color of his suspenders and the stripes on his shirt.
  • Fred is an only child.
  • Fred has his own room.
  • In the Youtube videos Fred is 6 years old. But in the 3 movies he is 15 and in TV series he is 16.
  • Fred's best friend is Bertha.
  • According to his birth certificate in the episode "Fred gets trapped", Fred's birthday is June 20, however his real birthday is December 18, 2002.
  • He has a crush on Holly in "Fred: The Show".
  • In YouTube videos and 1st movie he has a crush on Judy
  • According to his birth certificate in the episode "Fred gets trapped", Fred was born at Hawaiian National Hospital of Lady of Ken.
  • As revealed in the episode "Class election, part 2", Fred sucked his thumb until he was 9 and three quarters.
  • He thinks he can play the trombone, however he is really bad at playing it actually, as revealed in the episode "Expired cow".
  • He can play the piano.
  • He can sing.
  • He like cheese fries as shown in "Fred the movie", "Fred 3 : Camp Fred" and "Fred: the show".
  • In "Fred : The Show", Fred and Kevin were childhood friends as revealed in the episode , "Best Freds Forever."