Fred Gets Babysat is the 5th episode of the Fred YouTube series.


Fred has to deal with his babysitter when his mom goes out.


The episode begins with Fred yelling at his babysitter. Fred says that the babysitter was hired because Fred's mother was going to a party. This might have occurred after Fred was left home alone twice (Once in Fred on Halloween and another time on Fred on St. Patrick's Day). Fred says that he does not need a babysitter, as he is turning six the next month. Fred then says that he is trying to get the babysitter mad, having urinated on the floor. The babysitter told Fred to clean it up, which Fred refused. The babysitter then tells Fred to go to bed, and Fred once again refuses. He then sings about wanting his babysitter to die. The babysitter knocks on the door, but Fred ignores her. She said that she has to watch him in order to babysit him. She then invites her boyfriend over to the house. Fred sees them holding hands, and he is worried about her getting pregnant. This shows that he does not know where babies come from. His mother arrives home, and says that the babysitter says that he was being bad and that he had to go to bed right away. She also said that she was going to take his camera away. It was originally said to be the mother's camera, so this might mean that she gave it to him after he started using it. Fred starts arguing with his mom, and tells the viewers that he is turning off the camera because his mom is being "psycho."



  • This is the first episode where Fred plays the Piano/Keyboard.
  • The babysitter is the second character to have only her voice heard.
  • Third time Fred's Mom goes out to a party.
  • This episode reveals that Fred's birthday is between October early November, as episodes are supposed to be vlogs uploaded when they are created. With this video being released on September 29th, then Fred's birthday was a month away, give or take a few days.