Fred Gets Bullied is the 11th episode of the Fred YouTube series.


Kevin wants revenge on Fred for ding-dong ditching his house, so he challenges Fred to a fight, which Fred is afraid of. Fred talks about the cat with rabies who is creeping him out, a flower he gave to his mom but never grew, and the stalker from Youtube. At the fight, Kevin immediately starts beating up Fred, with Judy calling him a loser, but offscreen it turns out the cat with rabies bit Kevin, making Fred happy.


• Fred said that he was going to go in a swimsuit and show off his body to Judy when summer break comes, but in Fred Goes Swimming, he says that he is uncomfortable being shirtless and showing off his body, so he swims with his shirt on.

• Fred talks about the incident that happened the previous episode when he ding-dong-ditched Kevin's house, which is, once again, another reference.

• Fred also talks about his mom in a straitjacket just like the previous episode, too.

• Fred also mentions he didn't take his meds one day when he was emailing the person from Youtube who is stalking him.

• This is the first time Kevin speaks.

• This marks the first appearance of the Cat with Rabies.

• Fred mentions his Mom's boyfriend who moved into his house, who people can assumed he's a crossdresser due to him having a leopard spotted bra.

• Fred said that his mom had booked him a dentist appointment, which Fred made an episode about in the future.