Fred Gets Detention

Fred Gets Detention

Fred gets detention

Fred Gets Detention is a episode of the Fred internet series.


After his mom gets a hangover and doesn't feel like taking him to school, Fred has to walk 9 blocks to his school, which only results in him getting detention due to his excessive tardies. He is upset about this and talks about how his teacher told him he is not getting into any good colleges and the detention is going on his permenant record. He is mad at his teacher, and wants to get revenge. He first thinks of an idea to put his pet bird inside of a bag to deliver to his teacher so it can bite her finger, only for Fred's bird to bite him and become unresponsive, so he puts the bird in her cage. He then has an idea to call his teacher to prank call her to think she has 3 pizzas coming her way, but the teacher recognize his voice and automatically knew it was Fred. Fred is scared and was possibly in more trouble when he went to school the next day.


• How can Fred even get detention if he is in kindergarten?

• This episode reveals Fred wanted to be a pediatrician when he grew up, but his dream wasn't going to come true, due to his detention.

• This is the 2nd episode where Fred makes a deep voice.

• This episode reveals that Fred is claustrophobic.

• Fred makes a deep voice 2 times in this episode.

• First appearance of Fred's pet parakeet.

• Only episode where Fred's parakeet "speaks"

• First time Fred's parakeet bites Fred.

• It seems Fred punished the bird for no reason, he just let his bird go free, and then he punishes him and puts him back in his cage He must have forgotten that he did it on purpose and didn't want the bird to fly away since it's his pet after all.

• Fred references Fred Loses His Meds when he says he got in trouble for drawing a picture of a guy hurting another guy, but in Fred loses his meds he said that it was a kid the guy was beating up.

• This episode reveals that Fred got in trouble at school once for peeking inside the girls bathroom.