Fred Goes to the Park is the 3rd episode of the Fred YouTube series.


Fred goes and plays at a park near his house.


Fred goes to the community park. He starts the video hanging out on the swing set, saying how he sneaked out of the house because his mother is hungover. He falls off the swing but is not shown to be hurt. He sees a stray dog that he has named Sparky, commenting on how the dog hangs around the park though no one owns it. He then looks at litter and says that he does not like kids who litter. He finds a baby carriage with a baby inside, and mentions how parents are so busy they forget about their own children. Fred is then shown playing with a toy gun, but he stops and thinks and gets worried that he will get in trouble. He says that if another kid plays with one of the guns, they will start playing with real guns and start shooting at other kids. Fred is seen playing on the swing once again, but hangs off the side. Because he is not using the swing properly, he falls off and gets injured. He runs off crying, and says he hates getting hurt. He says that all of the cool kids in the neighborhood ride the zip-line, so he attempts to ride down it. He gets scared and jumps off. He realizes that he broke the swing. His mom comes and scolds him for going to the park without her permission. Fred then whines and walks with her back, ending the episode.



  • First appearance of Sparky
  • This is the first episode where Fred makes a deep voice
  • This is the first Fred episode that does not have to do with a holiday