Fred on Halloween is the 1st episode of the Fred YouTube series.


Fred spends his Halloween at home while his mom is out at a party.


Fred gets left home alone on Halloween while his mom is gone to a party. Fred talks directly to the camera, saying how he is a wizard for Halloween. His mom wanted to save money, so Fred wears a witch hat rather than a wizard hat. Fred says that his mom said that he is not allowed to go trick or treating or use her camera. While he does not go trick or treating, he does use his mom's camera to record the video. Fred goes to play Playstation, but gets frustrated and throws his controller. This causes his Playstation to break, and Fred reveals that his mom brings him to a counselor on account of anger issues. He denies this and gets angry, violently thrashing the camera Blurs of a person appear when the camera is being shaken around. He then sees that he has now broken the camera, though the video continues, showing that the damage must be superficial. He then sees two mysterious figures, one of a man and one of a pony. Fred becomes frightened. It jumps cut to Fred wiping his nose and commenting on how people are not suppose to wipe their noses like that and laughs. Fred then says his mom should be home by four 'o' clock, and begins singing about her getting home soon. Fred's mom then arrives home, and she says that she is drunk. It then cuts to his mom's first onscreen appearance, though she is played by Lucas Cruikshank. Cruikshank differentiates the mom from Fred by having a pillow in his shirt, being the first time Fred's mother was seen as overweight. She tells Fred to go to bed in order to avoid her negatively influencing him, but Fred says that he has just been sitting at home for the entire Halloween. He asks her if they can have their own party. His mom complies, and they begin dancing to the song Watch How I Do This by Kev Blaze. The episode ends with a screen saying "HAPPY HALLOWEEN".



  • This the first Fred video on YouTube as well as the pilot episode of Fred.
  • This episode is the debut of the characters Fred and Mrs. Figglehorn
  • This is the only time Fred's mom is shown in the internet series, her voice is only heard for the rest of the internet series.
  • First episode where Fred wears a different shirt besides his Fred shirt.
  • First episode where Fred sings.