Fred on Halloween 2 is the 6th episode of the Fred YouTube series. It is the sequel to Fred on Halloween.


Fred celebrates Halloween once again, but this time he is allowed to go trick-or-treating in his neighborhood.


Fred greets the viewer, wearing a pirate costume. He says that his mother did not have the money for the costume, so they are just "temporarily buying" or "borrowing" it from the Halloween store. Fred says that now he is old enough to go trick-or-treating, but his mom cannot go with him, as she is busy. He says that his mom said to watch out for old men who tell Fred to go into their house. Fred goes up to a house with rotting pumpkins. When the man comes to the door, he hands Fred a ball of what appears to be dirt and dead grass. On his way to the next house, Fred sees that a decoration pumpkin has been knocked over. Fred begins saying that being disrespectful for no reason is disgusting. Fred arrives at his second house, and the man invites Fred inside, and even tells Fred to go into the man's bedroom. Fred runs home, and says that his mom told him to run home if a man invited him inside. Fred said that he enjoyed the ball he got, until Sparky ate it. Fred expresses his frustration towards Sparky. Fred grows furious, and he says that his preschool counselor told him to take his anger out on dolls. Fred begins thrashing a doll around, until he says that he feels better. Fred said that his mom was Madonna for Halloween, and becomes grossed out when he starts to think about how much skin the costume showed. Fred says that her boyfriend would like it, so he did not care. He then holds up the doll he was beating, and sees that the doll is shirtless. He says that Dora does not have a shirt on (In reference to the doll looking like Dora from Dora the Explorer). Fred says that since it was 11:30 PM, he was going to go scare young children with his eye-patch, and that he will say there is no eye under the eye-patch. Fred says goodbye to the viewers, saying peace. He says that people on Myspace say peace, so he will too so that he can be cool.


  • First time Myspace is mentioned.
  • Just like most of the previous episodes, this episode was uploaded to YouTube on a day the holiday did not fall on.