Fred on May Day is the 9th episode in the Fred YouTube series.


Fred is excited about May Day, saying that he has made May baskets for everyone in his neighborhood. He also digresses, saying that his mother bought him a Fred shirt. Since his mother cannot afford a lot of shirts, he says that he will wear the Fred shirt for the rest of his life. Returning to his original train of thought, Fred says that he particularly give Judy a gift. Jumping to a new cut, Fred wonders why YouTube says that his channel is two years old. He would have only been four at this time, so he is confused. Fred then goes to deliver his first May basket, which is thrown back at him. Fred runs away in an upset confusion. He realizes that he ended up in his neighbor's yard, and is angry when he sees that they own a dog kennel. He finds it inhumane to lock dogs in a kennel. He then turns his attention to a stray cat, and begins petting it though it has lice and has been known to bite. He claims to be foaming at the mouth after, but immediately forgets this and shows off what he has gotten for Judy: a pair of his mom's old panties. He obliviously gives them to Judy, who reacts in disgust and puts the panties on Fred's head. Fred runs away crying, humiliated by Judy. Despite this, Fred still finds her attractive. Fred returns home, whining that no one understand him. Fred then sings a song about his day, says goodbye, and ends the video with him attempting to hit a high note.


  • The person who threw the May basket at Fred was Kevin, as Fred said in Fred Loses His Meds.
  • First time Judy speaks.
  • Fred's voice sounds different in this episode
  • First time Fred wears his Fred shirt.
  • Even though Fred said he was going to wear his Fred shirt for the rest of his life, he wears a striped shirt with overalls in the Fred: The Movie trilogy and Fred: The Show.