Fred on St. Patrick's Day is the 2nd episode of the Fred YouTube series.


Fred celebrates Saint Patrick's Day alone.


Fred starts the episode by acting like a leprechaun. He then goes on to say that he tricked "you", the viewer, into thinking he was a leprechaun. Fred is once again left home alone, as his mother is partying at a country club. Fred says that there is a burglar on the loose, but his mom said that he would be fine. Fred then goes on to talk about St. Patrick's Day festivities, including wearing green and eating green foods. Fred says that his mother got him green wine to drink (This directly contradicts "Fred on Halloween," where his mother said that she did not want Fred to drink alcohol). Fred mentions how he has a temper problem, and that his mother questioned him about the broken Playstation from "Fred on Halloween." His mom had him start taking medication for his temper. Fred says that he wanted to see a leprechaun so that he could get a pot of gold. Fred is confirmed to be five years old in this episode. Fred says that his mom was fired from her job at the fast food restaurant (Making her going to the country club seem unlikely), but he said that his mom did put a set of fake teeth in his stocking. He then ponders on why she would put them in his stocking rather than Santa. He starts playing with a toy bear and a carriage, but the bear supposedly bites Fred, so he begins beating it against the carriage. He says that he has not been taking his medication lately. Fred then begins singing a song about St. Patrick's Day, and once finished, holds up his cat Dolly and says goodbye.


  • First and only time Fred turns the screen green.
  • Just like the previous episode, the video was not uploaded to YouTube on the day the holiday falls on, but it is possible Fred did record the video on the day of the holiday, but besides to put it on another day besides that day.
  • This episode seems to follow the Halloween episode, Fred talks about when he breaks the Playstation, which was in the previous episode, he also forgot and accidentally wiped his nose with his hand again, and he says that he forgot that he wasn't supposed to do that, which was what he says in the previous episode. He also talks about his temper tantrum, a problem that was brought up in Fred on Halloween.
  • When the baby bear "bites" Fred, if you listen closely, it sounds like he says, "You f***ing bit me," but he likely said fricking.
  • If you listen when Fred snaps his fingers and sings the song, you can hear the kitten meow.
  • Fred is confirmed to be five years old in this episode.