Fred on Valentine's Day is the 8th episode of the Fred YouTube series.


Fred celebrates Valentine's Day by texting his crush, Judy, using a Zip-It.


Fred greets the audience by saying that it is Valentine's Day. Fred is excited for Valentine's Day, as it is the day of love. Fred is especially excited because his mother bought him a Zip-It, a digital text messaging device. Fred uses the Zip-It to text his crush, Judy. He complements her, saying that she is cute. Satisfied with this, he says that he can eat chocolate that his mother bought because she is out partying. Fred says that his mother had bought the chocolate the previous year in bulk, and that they would eat it every year until it ran out; she believes that chocolate does not spoil. Fred then finds that Judy had texted him back. She replied rudely, calling Fred a, "Useless scumbag." Fred momentarily mourns his rejection, but soon becomes angry, saying that people like Judy should be hurt very badly. Fred claims that he is joking. Judy then sends another reply, saying that Fred's thighs jiggle during physical education. Fred sings about Judy, saying that it is a method to help him get over negative feelings. However, he soon grows aggressive again, and sends Judy another text, in which he calls her a "brat." Fred's mother then arrives home while he is eating chocolate, and she makes him brush his teeth. Fred is then seen brushing his teeth in his bathroom, and he says goodbye to the audience. The episode ends with a screen saying "Happy Valentine's Day," with Fred's song about Judy playing in the background.



  • This is the first episode where Judy is mentioned.
  • First appearance of a Zip-It.
  • This is the last episode uploaded originally on JKL Productions, as all subsequent episodes were released on the FRED YouTube channel.