Fred on the 4th is the 4th episode of the Fred YouTube series.


Fred celebrates the Fourth of July by lighting fireworks.


In the beginning of the video, Fred is sitting out on his front yard. He shows his mom's car, a white pick up truck. He then sings about the Fourth of July, and how on the Fourth, people get to play with fire. Fred then says that the reason why he is outside is because he wet his bed, and that his mom would not let him inside until he stopped wetting the bed. Fred says that he is about to light fireworks. He then cuts to a shot of Sparky, but Sparky begins to walk away shortly after. Fred comments on that Spark is camera shy. Fred lights his first firework, an "Egg Laying Hen." The firework is lack luster, but Fred still becomes scared of fireworks, saying that he had earlier lit a tank firework that ended up becoming a real tank. He then lights another called a "Parachute," which is a firework that fires off a little parachute that the user is supposed to catch. The parachute ends up in a neighbor's yard. Fred says that the neighbors do not like the Figglehorn family, and have even gone as far as to threaten Fred with a shotgun. Other neighbors begin lighting fireworks, distressing Fred with the loud noises. Fred mentions that he has problems with socializing, and that kids often bully him, calling his mom a "loser." With the loud noises aggravating Fred, Fred retreats to a secret room in his basement. He ends the episode wishing his viewers a good Fourth of July.



  • Second appearance of Sparky
  • Coincidentally, this is Fred's 4th episode aired, and the episode involves the 4th of July.
  • This episode reveals that Fred is bullied by neighborhood children.