Who's Ready To Party? Is the Second Album by Fred Figglehorn and was realesed on September 21

Who's Ready To Party?


Fred Figglehorn

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Music Videos

Dont Forget To Brush,Who's Ready To Party?,I Wanna Be A Celebrity,The Babysitters A Vampire




Red Ink

The album is full of Catchy Songs with Original Style. The Songs are directed to Characters Like Hard To Get is a song about Judy,Big Bad Bullies Is About Kevin,Other notable music includes The Baby Sitters A Vampire from Freds personal hatred of babysitters (As seen in Fred Gets Babysat) Fred filmed four Music Videos For the album,The confirmed music videos are: Dont Forget To Brush,Who's Ready To Party,I Wanna Be A Celebrity,The Babysitters A Vampire. If you have a fijit friend, almost all the songs are great for her to dance to! If you don't have this cd or mp3, the songs are on YouTube.

Track List:

I Wanna Be A Celebrity

Who's Ready to Party?

Tater Haters

Hard To Get

The Babysitter’s A Vampire

Girls Are From Uranus

Don’t Forget To Brush

Learn How To Drive

Big Bad Bullies

Free Style